What the Ideal Conservative Candidate Needs (and Who Doesn't Have It)

The current field of potential Republican presidential contenders may leave something to be desired for both conservatives and independents.  But voters against the Obama agenda should be reluctant to embrace simply anyone with a shot of defeating Obama.  The fractious and uninspiring debate prior to the Iowa straw poll was overshadowed by Texas Governor Rick Perry's ten-gallon hat, brusquely tossed into the ring.  Perry's announcement presages other possible late arrivals to the primary square dance, like potential candidates John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and Sarah Palin. President Obama must have been very pleased with all the candidates at the debate, since nearly all of them projected an emotion likely to turn off either the conservatives or the independents -- both of whom the Republican Party candidate will need to mark an end to the president's reign of error.  As radicals know all too well, not only do times of crisis lead to more cries for...(Read Full Article)