The Latest Attack on Christianity from the Statist Left

As a Roman Catholic I am fully aware that one of the things that non-Catholics find the most peculiar about my faith is the practice of going to confession.  Yet it seems that in Europe and beyond, this sacred tradition is under attack from those who worship not God, nor mammon, but the state.  For one of the most important aspects of confession is what is known as the seal of confession.  The seal means that the priest who hears confessions is bound by church law on pain of both mortal sin and latae sententiae excommunication (a type of excommunication that can be removed only by the Holy See) not to reveal by word or action any of your confession.  This basically means that any priest revealing any part of any confession is essentially committing spiritual hara-kari. One can see how this would trouble those who believe in an all-expansive state; for it means that no judge, no police officer, no community diversity engagement officer, no politician, no one can...(Read Full Article)