Syria: Where is the Outrage?

Like father, like son: it is well documented, by now, that there are no limits to the brutality that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is willing to inflict upon his subjects. Even in a region known for the cruelty that rulers wreak on their people, Assad may be rivaled only by President Ahmadinijad of Iran, his ideological inspiration and military patron. Assad's most recent outrage occurred during the government assault in Latakia, the main Syrian port city. According to United Nations figures, 10,000 Palestinian residents fled from their refugee camp during four days of unrelenting attacks by government military and security forces. For once, Palestinian Authority officials did not exaggerate the tribulations of their people. According to an adviser to President Abbas, the Syrian assault was a "crime against humanity" inflicted by a leader who had "lost rationality." It would be difficult to challenge that indictment. Some 500,000 Palestinians live in Syria. They claim descent from...(Read Full Article)