Strange Friends of the New EPA Trucking Regulations

Recent headlines would have you believe the trucking industry and environmentalists are all singing kumbaya in praise of President Obama's new regulations to lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel efficiency in medium-and heavy-duty trucks.  If you were wondering what's driving the cozy relationship between the Trucking Industry and the EPA, you are not alone.  When industry officials emerged from the White House Tuesday last week eerily happy to embrace the new Transportation Department and EPA standards that promise to rock their industry Megan McArdle at The Atlantic opined that either something is missing in this story, or American manufacturing is in even worse shape than she suspected.  Tim Linden writes, "It is a rare government regulation that receives universal high marks, but such is seemingly the case with the new truck fuel efficiency standard."  Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund stated, "It's great to see Washington get...(Read Full Article)