Retaking the Culture: Finding The Right Stories

See also: Time For Once Upon A Time In America At first glance it's not all that easy for Conservatives to recognize the stories they should be telling themselves, others, and their children, because Left-Wing Liberal fairy-tales clutter up the American cultural landscape like tacky modern view litter.  You know there's a once scenic highway out there somewhere but all you can see is sagging power lines, fast food restaurants and cardboard cut-out strip malls. So there has to be some trick.  Here's a hint.  The really significant stories rarely have anything to do with the doings of Presidents, Congressman, Governors or the like.  Politicians are in the main but a reflection of our culture, they don't determine it.  They're its followers not its leaders. Compare the occupations of the men who founded this republic by signing the Declaration of Independence and fighting the war which followed to the calling of the men who wrote the Constitution.  In the...(Read Full Article)