Progressive POTUS Desperate For Another Vacation

The really frightening thing about the President heading off to Martha's Vineyard while America burns is that Obama may believe he really deserves a rest.  After all, fundamentally transforming a country of 3.79 million square miles inhabited by 310 million people is hard work. If the President is right on schedule with his plan to uproot America from its founding principles, why not pile the wife and kids into Air Force One and enjoy a little down time?  In two and a half short years he has proven his allegiance not to our flag and the prayerful "God Bless America" but to his pastor Reverend Wright's admonition, "G.d..n America."  Obama's been a regular workaholic advancing Wright's anti-American creed. He encourages class warfare, lectures the public on everything from civility to racism to bullying, blames Bush, Congress, the Tea Party, Republicans and Sarah Palin, spends billions on Michelle's nanny state projects, promotes one failed policy after another,...(Read Full Article)