Obama's Big Fail on Resetting Russia

Even knowing that Russia is ruled by a proud KGB who despises the USA, and even knowing that America is led by a shameless liar and coward whose "reset" policy is not worth the paper is was printed on, it is still surprising how relentlessly and aggressively Russia has pursued its anti-American foreign policy in recent days. Russia stood alone to support mass-murdering Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad while the rest of the world condemned his latest blood orgy.  Russia even went so far as to seek to fan the flames of Arab nationalism across the region. It invited mass-murdering North Korean dictator  Kim Jong-il for a friendly visit. It loaned billions to mass-murdering Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez so he could buy even more weapons. It feted the lunatic dictator of Cuba, mass-murderer Fidel Castro, with verbal laurels worthy of Gandhi or Ronald Reagan. When the West sought to bar arms shipments to Bahrain over terrorist concerns,...(Read Full Article)