Obama/Hillary Coming Soon to a Primary Near You?

Well, it's all up to Hillary Clinton now if the Democratic Party is to survive the 2012 elections. That's what two important media outlets -- Tina Brown's Daily Beast and London's Daily Telegraph -- both reported in the same twenty-four-hour news cycle.  Faced with what looks to be the political collapse of the Obama administration, the liberal spin cycle is spinning like a top.  It's "run, Hillary, run!" time. For some disillusioned liberals, the woman and the moment have met.  And the truth is, reviewing the last 60 years of American political history, it would be an anomaly if President Barack Obama did not face a serious primary challenge within his own party.  Just look at the facts. The last week has seen a triple-whammy to Mr. Obama's reelection prospects.  First, the news broke last Friday evening that America's sovereign debt had been downgraded to AA+.  Next morning came the terrible loss of 30 American troops in a single incident in...(Read Full Article)