Lies, Compromise, and Reptiles

The hills are filled with the stench of elections.  Voter drives, primaries, and political smears -- oh, how they tease my nostrils like a pan of warm sticky buns!  Months of black eyes and hurt feelings will culminate in the next installment of our sacred electoral process.  To the winners, there's a mandate for action -- to the losers, a call for compromise.  Even the man who's traded a pack of smokes for a trip to the polls knows this is a high-stakes game.  That man has spoken.  Elections have consequences. The United States doesn't enjoy true universal suffrage.  The growth of government has spawned demands for unfettered voting rights, ensuring every faction a share of the federal largesse.  Our shortsighted engorgement has consequences for those without representation.  Future generations, with no current access to the ballot box, are saddled with debt obligations from today's excessive spending. Access to this wealth and influence...(Read Full Article)