Keep Talking, Mr. President

Gallup recently reported that President Obama dipped to a low in his favorable/unfavorable ratings.  That news prompted this question: Is there a relationship between how much the president talks and his popularity? Presumably, the president's fans would assert a positive relationship between the two -- that the more he talks and explains his policies, the better are his ratings.  The president's detractors, I assume, believe the reverse: that there is a negative relationship, that as he talks his popularity declines.  This is a question worth answering because the answer might provide guidance about whether the electorate is paying attention and offer insight into an effective Republican campaign strategy.  Fortunately, the data and tools exist to answer the question.  This article summarizes such an exercise and its results.  Methodology.  Gallup's approval/disapproval data is easily accessible in an Excel format, providing the president's 3-day...(Read Full Article)