It Strikes Me As Odd

As a refugee immigrant to the United States I have expressed amazement at the design of the U.S. political system -- so awkward and unwieldy as to render it almost totally dysfunctional.  What follows is a list of other riddles of American life that baffle an immigrant, even one of long standing such as me. Item: Why do Americans suffer gladly race-hustlers like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?  I understand the overpowering yearning to expiate racial guilt tirelessly fanned by the MSM.  But there should be a limit to even extreme masochism.  Isn't it a little too much to claim that racial equality is an insidious form of racism, invoking the authority of Martin Luther King, Jr. who demanded the polar opposite?  And yet this is exactly what we hear nonstop from the Jackson-Sharpton cabal and their sycophantic cohorts in the white liberal circles.  Has any member of the Congressional Black Caucus ever failed to discover racism in anything conservatives do,...(Read Full Article)