Israel's Great Divide

  Islam divides the world into the Dar al Harb (the land of war) and Dar al Salaam (the land of peace).  n Israel the great divide is between the "Peace" Camp (PC) and "War" Camp (WC).  Of course there are many people who are not part of either camp.  Let's call them the uncommitted. The reason I put "peace" in quotation marks is that peace, in this context, is a misnomer. The PC works towards an illusory peace.  Better to call it the "Let's make a deal Camp". "Peace" also denotes a moral high ground which is a debatable attribution. For this camp to use this word, it amounts to self aggrandizement. War is also put in quotation marks because the WC is not seeking war but the absence of war. It does this by preparing for war and maintaining deterrence. Thus it can rightly be called the "Let's not make a deal Camp." Beyond that, the WC wants to keep what it believes is rightfully theirs i.e., Judea And Samaria, and the PC, either doesn't believe it is theirs or...(Read Full Article)