Imposing Shariah Law in London

Imagine one morning waking up, walking out your door, and seeing bright yellow posters plastered on the walls and telephone poles throughout your neighborhood that announce that you are now living in a 'Shariah Controlled Zone.' That is what is actually happening in several boroughs of London and other communities in the UK... and this could realistically happen in US cities within the next few years if we do not take legal precautions against 'Shariah Law' in our states. Some may think that I am an alarmist. After all, how can one believe that we Americans are as vulnerable as those Brits? That can't happen in the US. Well, the residents living in neighborhoods like Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham, all boroughs of London with large Muslim populations, didn't think so either. This is more than a call or a march for 'Sharia Law' that has happened in recent months. This is a clear attempt to impose 'Shariah Law' on the residents of these communities by members of a Muslim...(Read Full Article)