Hillary Clinton Redux?

As the USS Barack Obama is running into increasingly stiff headwinds, the star of Hillary Clinton is rising higher and higher over the liberal horizon.  Buyer's remorse over Obama's presidency and the prospect of ignominious defeat at the polls, with the president probably dragging underwater a slew of Democratic legislators frantically trying but failing to detach themselves from his sticky coattails, make for a powerful potion of nostalgia for the former First Lady of the United States, once a prohibitive favorite to become the second president named Clinton.  The highly favorable backdrop (today, anyone would look good compared to Obama) and Hillary's sky-high approval ratings (over 60 percent, even up to 70 percent in some polls) make her the Democratic Party's Great White Hope (metaphorically speaking, of course). Sorry, Hillary aficionados -- your hopes are an impossible dream.  There is no way you can run your horse unless Obama withdraws from the race....(Read Full Article)