From Rock Star to Rock Bottom

Obama has put away the golf clubs, given up the Kobe steaks, and suspended his membership in the "Vacation-a-Month" club -- and now he's hit the road.  Sleeves rolled up to mimic "the ordinary working man," Obama tours the Midwest -- on a bus -- to showcase his new look, replacing Blue Steel (head left, chin askew and up) with Magnum (head tilted...slight right). As the bus indicates, Obama has returned to being "an ordinary American" with sensible right-leaning values.  The bus was chosen to remind Midwesterner moderates, liberals, and racists why they elected him.  Obama's election was symbolic -- historic, in fact.  The bus says about Obama:  "Remember me?  I'm the former nobody black guy with the funny name." Obama poll numbers remind us that the light that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.  With only a 40% approval rating, Obama's popularity is pretty much based solely on the opinions of people on the government dole, thus a 40% rating...(Read Full Article)