Federal Fever

If the body politic is sick, blame federal fever, a delusional ailment causing swelling of the federal element of the Republic. Most of the problems caused by politics and government in America today are caused by the federalization of government power and by the unnatural elevation of the judiciary over the elected branches of government.  This surely does not mean that lousy folks and dirty crooks cannot win state and local elections and cannot create political machines.  What it does mean, however, is that Americans and their businesses can pull up and move to states that are friendlier or more honest. The vital importance of sovereign states is, perhaps, the salient feature of our Constitution.  Each state has its own Bill of Rights, sometimes with more protection than in the federal Bill of Rights, but each state also retain the power to do things which would make modern Americans nervous.  Homicide, for example, is defined by state law.  Rape is...(Read Full Article)