Did Kerry's Swift Boat Hatchet Man Fake His Own Silver Star?

Last August, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus revoked a Silver Star medal formerly held by retired Navy Captain Wade R. Sanders.  In a short, vague memorandum to the Chief of Naval Personnel, Mabus cited "subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself" as the reason.  Such an action by the Navy is virtually without precedent.   There was no press release and no announcement.  Eleven months later, a bare-bones report was finally published by the Navy Times.  American Thinker picked up the story from WinterSoldier.com, and after Matt Drudge followed suit, it propagated rapidly.   Kerry's most virulent supporter   Wade Sanders' name will be familiar to those who recall the political battles between John Kerry and the veterans who opposed him in 2004.  A key member of Kerry's "Band of Brothers," Sanders helped introduce his long-time friend at the Democratic...(Read Full Article)