Democrats Own the Stock Market Crash

The GOP presented many specific opportunities to Dems for a timely budget agreement.  Dems signed none, and presented none of their own.  And you're the loser.  The stock market is in free fall, theoretically because even though a "deal" was reached in time to prevent a "default," S&P declared concern that it took until the eleventh hour to get the agreement and resolve the stalemate. Now, I am one who happens to think S&P's downgrade is a bunch of garbage.  I can't believe for one minute that any of the S&P staff would prefer to loan their own personal money to France instead of the US.  Nor would the US have defaulted on the debt.  Portions of government would have shut down until an agreement was reached, but a default would not have happened.  Even Obama wouldn't have allowed that. Nevertheless, if we can believe S&P about the reason for the downgrade, then who is to blame (or should I say most to blame) for the failure of a...(Read Full Article)