Democracy Shrugged in Wisconsin Slugfest

Pity the poor. No powerful union to rely on for ensuring fully state-paid pensions. No collective bargaining "rights." Caught between public union demands and limited state resources, they end up losers in the ongoing epic battle collectively titled, if we may, "Public Union Power versus The Public Interest." The struggle centers around a question ordinary folks increasingly ask: Do government employees work for the us, the public, or is it the other way around? In Wisconsin this month, scene of special recall elections, a day of reckoning is at hand.  Don't look now, but a vital part of democracy itself is on trial, if not in jeopardy, if events go the way pushy forces on the left fervently desire. This is not, repeat NOT, a Draconian view.  Read on if  you doubt. Public union officials view government, their members' employer, as a never-empty ATM machine funded by OPM (Other People's Money). Just tap in the magic PIN and, clickety-clickety-click, it disgorges...(Read Full Article)