Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Dog Days

If Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz were a little dog, she might be a dachshund.  She charges her adversary, teeth bared and yapping viciously, until realizing the other dog is larger.  The realization sends her scurrying for cover, where she yelps, snarls, and whines.  While this analogy may seem ridiculous, it perfectly illustrates Schultz's "confrontation" with Rep. Allen West and her political persona in general. Schultz bit Rep. West during a speech on the House floor.  Well, more like she nipped him on the heel.  She never mentioned West by name, yet he was obviously her target.  During a rambling, platitude-laced diatribe about the debt ceiling, Schultz accused Rep. West of denying Social Security checks and Medicare payments to senior citizens.  West responded directly to Rep. Schultz, telling her exactly what he thought of her unprofessional tactics.  Like a yapping, obnoxious little dog, Schultz tucked her tail and ran for the cover of...(Read Full Article)