Barack Obama is the Real Winner In the Debt Ceiling Deal

The mainstream media and leftist talking heads are declaring the debt ceiling deal a great victory for the Tea Party and a defeat for Barack Obama.  However, the political reality is that Barack Obama is the real winner from this deal.  The key is to realize that for Obama, it is all about winning reelection in 2012. 1. The deal raises the debt ceiling enough to get past the election. The debt ceiling debate focused attention on Obama's runaway spending. Taking the debt ceiling out of the picture for the election eliminates an issue which would draw unwanted attention to Obama's spending. 2. The deal includes no new taxes. Widely portrayed as a Republican victory, this actually suits Obama's purposes. The taxes he was promoting were inconsequential from a revenue point of view. Their real purpose was to provide a focus group tested talking point and means to fire up his leftist base. Now he can keep using the talking point without having to acknowledge that in reality it is...(Read Full Article)