Answering Jonathan Alter

On Friday, Jonathan Alter wrote a column challenging his readers to "prove" why Obama "has been a bad president."  He ended his piece, which he based off of the old Mission Impossible television show, by saying, "Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to be specific and rational, not vague and visceral."  I wish to take up that task, but before I do so, readers must understand something about Jonathan Alter and his views.  The former editor of Newsweek, Alter has written books and articles defending liberalism for decades. His latest book, The Promise: President Obama, Year One, ardently vindicates the president's first year in office and exalts Barack Obama as one of the greatest leaders the U.S. could have asked for.  It's therefore understandable that he, unlike others on the Left, would still cling to the hopes of a successful Obama presidency. Unfortunately for the rest of the nation, he's wrong. President Obama's term should first be placed...(Read Full Article)