A Warmer Planet Is a More Peaceful Planet

By A new report published August 24 by Nature magazine claims that "global climate is a major factor in organized patterns of violence" around the world.  The report's author, Solomon Hsiang of Columbia University, writes that his work "represents the first major evidence" that warming temperatures foster the conditions for civil unrest and war. One problem: the study is 180 degrees away from reality.  Even Nature felt it necessary to publish a dissenting view in the same edition of the magazine, giving Halvard Buhaug at the Peace Research Institute in Oslo space to write that he remains "skeptical about any potential causal connection" between warmer global temperatures and war. Naturally, the mainstream media took the alarmist report at face value, creating headlines such as "Study Proves Climate a Trigger for Conflict" (ABC News), "El Niño a Factor in Some Country Conflicts, Study Finds" (MSNBC), and "Study: Climate is Major Violence Trigger" (Washington Post). These...(Read Full Article)