Why We Have Enemies

Contemporary Western thought and postmodern relativism compel us to explore our place in the world vis-à-vis other civilizations.  The West's legacy of reasoning is based heavily on thinkers such as Aristotle.  The foundation he created implores us to consciously define and pursue an objective method to acquire knowledge.  Where his philosophy was limited other thinkers came around and expanded this school of thought by use of Aristotle's scientific epistemology.  In other words, though his practice failed in some areas, his philosophical principles were sound in their fundamentals for the continuance in what we call Western thought. It is on this foundation that we now seek the abstract and superimpose it over the idea of applied reality.  Today's thinkers exclude specific objects and dismiss concrete reality.  Such is the case in when modern intellectuals study the question, "Why Do They Hate Us?" For modern intellectuals, introspection is usually the...(Read Full Article)