Why Google Replaced the Golden Rule with 'Don't Be Evil'

Google is once again demonstrating that it treats others in ways that it does not want to be treated.  Google is requiring users of its latest social networking service, Google+, to have public profiles.  Meanwhile, top Google executives are taking advantage of a hidden Google+ feature to enjoy greater privacy. Google wants Google+ users to disclose the number and identities of their friends.  But top Google executives are hiding the very same information.  Technology writer Ed Bott learned how when he visited socialstatistics.com, a website that tracks thousands of Google+ users.  Bott observed that four of the top ten users (ranked according to number of "followers") were Googlers.  He also noticed something different about them: each displayed a "0" in the "friends" column.  Exploring Google+'s user interface, Bott discovered what he describes as a "useful but hard-to-find privacy feature that is disabled by default."  He found that clicking...(Read Full Article)