The Folly of the U.K.'s Defense Cuts

As the Congress debates budgetary issues, some liberals are marketing British defense cuts as a model for America, claiming that if the U.K. can afford to reduce its defense budget, so can America. A close examination of these defense cuts, however, reveals that they will dramatically weaken the British military, make Britain (and America) less safe, save little money in the short term and zero in the long term, and have been implemented as a result of political pressure.  Therefore, America should not emulate this policy. First, the context.  The last budget by Gordon Brown's government included the largest budget deficit in British history.  His Cabinet left Britain deep in a debt so large that government spending reductions were necessary (the British people are already taxed too heavily). But reductions of defense spending are only weakening the British military and making Britain less safe, while saving little money. The FY2011/12 defense budget is £40 billion....(Read Full Article)