The Constitution Condones Slavery?

In a recent series called "The State Against Blacks," John Stossel interviewed Rep. Charles Rangel and made the case that big government has failed the black American family.  Congressman Rangel, an unabashed proponent of big government, asked Stossel, "What do you want?  No government?"  Stossel held up a copy of the Constitution and answered, "No.  I want it this size again.  The Constitution and the Declaration -- great government right here."  To which Rangel responded, "No, that government will throw me back into slavery.  You don't want that government. Come on, now.  I mean, they weren't thinking about me when they wrote that book.  I wasn't even three-fifths of a guy.  So let's pass that book and say that it was a good beginning and it's there to improve order and that's what we've done." Rep. Rangel ought to be asked to explain how limiting the size and scope of the federal government to constitutional standards would throw...(Read Full Article)