Slide in US Job Creation Confounds Analysts

As an American small businessman, It is a source of constant amazement how few people understand small business. Supposed experts and politicians alike simply do not get it.  They do acknowledge that small business is the engine that drives American job creation, but they don't have a clue what drives us. For example, Robin Harding of the Financial Times writes: There is no easy explanation. The obstacles left behind by the financial crisis, such as falling house prices and the need of households to pay down debt, help to explain why the economy has not accelerated to the kind of 400,000 a month job growth that would bring unemployment down quickly. But it does not account for why the economy has repeatedly stalled from even modest levels of job creation above 100,000 a month. Allow me to explain the situation succinctly. We are not stupid -- but Obama & Co. think that we are.  Shall I elaborate?    A small business anywhere is driven by a need to first...(Read Full Article)