Queer Theory vs. Reality in Chicago's Boystown

Things are not going well in the gay neighborhood Chicagoans call Boystown.  "Tempers flared, emotions ran wild and tension was high ... at a community meeting held to discuss the recent crime in Boystown, including the videotaped stabbing of a 25-year-old man[.]" Some commentators say Boystown is burning.  That's the view suggested by writer Keith Ecker.  He writes in Windy City Times, "In response to violent criminal incidents in the gayborhood, Facebook users launched a page on June 28 called 'Take Back Boystown[.]'" In one day, the group garnered more than 700 members. While some are thinking progressively by lobbying for increased citizen-led patrols and communication with police, others seem to be capitalizing on this issue to voice their racial prejudices. Clearly, there is outrage, consternation, and anger among Boystown's residents and business owners.  Yet none of this outrage was supposed to happen.  This anger and outrage is not what we'd predict...(Read Full Article)