Our Retreat from Prosperity

The process that built the United States into the world's wealthiest country has reversed; it's tearing down what it once built.  Americans once sang proudly of "America the Beautiful"; now they avert their faces in guilty silence while demolishing everything that once defined them.  They welcome strangers to replace them.  This is an ending; it cannot end well.  Long downhill slides never have. British colonists came to North America for opportunity denied by the rigidities of their home society.  The British had made the most of the Industrial Revolution up to that time and they brought that with them.  Some tried communal forms of organization; those quickly failed and were replaced by private property, which worked because people produced when they could own and enjoyed the result.  Private property was a foundation inducing colonists to produce; a result was their buying and taking land to develop from the Indians, a process that accomplished...(Read Full Article)