Secrecy Surrounds Silver Star Medal Revocation

Are Senator John F. Kerry's medals also in danger of being revoked?  Don't count on it. "San Diego -- In a highly unusual move, the Navy secretary has stripped a Silver Star awarded to a retired captain and Vietnam swift boat veteran who is serving a federal prison sentence after admitting to child pornography." -- Navy Times, July 25, 2011 Except for a few intrepid news and opinion outlets, plus Navy Times, a respected military newspaper, a cone of liberal silence descended around shocking news that a Silver Star medal for gallantry was yanked from a high-ranking Navy officer back in August 2010.  No why is given; it is shrouded in the mist of military bureaucracy. What is clear: so far, the revocation of the third-highest honor in the pantheon of military medals is unrelated to the conviction of retired Navy Capt. Wade Sanders for possessing horrid child pornography.  He is serving a 37-month sentence in a federal prison for that felony crime, perpetrated in 2008,...(Read Full Article)