John Huntsman: Wasting Conservatives' Time

Nowadays, many people are running (or considering running) for president.  One of them is Obama's former ambassador to Communist China, former Governor Jon Huntsman of Utah. Huntsman is the GOP establishment's new beau idéal, now that their favorite boy, Mitch Daniels, has announced he's not running.  But is Huntsman the right candidate for ordinary Republicans and the country?  Absolutely not. The only Republican candidates who can win in 2012 are those who have never advocated (or implemented) liberal policies, have always consistently advocated a conservative agenda, and can therefore constitute a stark contrast to Barack Obama.  A liberal Republican who has implemented or advocated liberal policies will not receive the votes of either moderates or conservatives. Moderates, whenever given a choice between a liberal Democrat and a liberal Republican, always choose the liberal Democrat.  Conservative voters will stay home or vote for a third-party candidate...(Read Full Article)