It's Not Fair!

When I was a kid, my younger brother used to complain that "it's not fair" when I was able to do something he couldn't do.  If I got a new toy he wasn't ready for, my brother would complain, "It's not fair."  If I was allowed to walk to the nearby drugstore before he could, he'd complain, "It's not fair." Like little kids, liberals love to use the phrase "It's not fair."  When somebody is rich, liberals say "It's not fair."  Kind of reminds me of my younger brother when we were little.  Sometimes liberals use the phrase "redistribution of income" instead of "it's not fair" when they want to elevate the conversation and sound grown up. What's kind of interesting is that when it comes to liberals' toys and money, they're very reluctant to give them up.  Whether it's taxes, toys, money, or political positions, "it's not fair" when they are held to the same standards as other Americans. I like toys.  Recently, I got a new one.  It's called a...(Read Full Article)