Israel's Supreme Court Serving the Kidnapper of its Most Famous MIA

The decision this week by the Israeli Supreme Court in the matter of Mustafa Dirani (sometimes spelled Durani) has shown the world that Israel's judicial system is a clear and present danger to the country. Allow me to introduce you to the latest client of the Israeli Supreme Court. Mustafa Dirani is believed to be the terrorist who captured Israeli navigator Ron Arad when he was forced to parachute into Lebanon.  Dirani's terrorists ignored Red Cross requests and international Geneva Convention rules and held Arad incommunicado for years.  No one quite knows what they did with Arad, but it is generally believed that Dirani "sold" Arad to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and that Arad was probably eventually murdered by them.  Dirani was paid $300,000 for "selling" Arad to the Iranians.  The terrorists did not even have the decency to reveal Arad's fate, leaving his wife an "aguna." Dirani was the "head of security" in the Amal militia of Shi'ites operating in...(Read Full Article)