Israel Will Remain Jewish and Democratic

Palestinian terrorism -- in homes, schools, restaurants and buses; on airplanes, streets and beaches -- ravaged Israel for more than half a century. Between 1954 and 2006, forty-five horrific attacks killed at least ten Israelis. They reached their crescendo between 2002-4, during the Second Intifada, when suicide bombers murdered 128 bus passengers in waves of hideous slaughter. There is a mournful litany of sites: Kiryat Shemona apartment building (27 dead); Ma'alot (21 school children dead); Savoy Hotel, Tel Aviv (11 dead); Park Hotel, Netanya (27 Passover Seder celebrants dead); Dolphinarium disco, Tel Aviv (21 teen-agers dead); Tel Aviv beach (43 dead); Zion Square, Jerusalem (13 dead); Sbarro pizzeria, Jerusalem (15 dead). The Israeli government, intelligence agencies and military responded with an array of counterterrorist measures. They ranged from targeted killings to the daring Entebbe rescue, from infiltrating terrorist groups to eye-for-an-eye retaliation and military...(Read Full Article)