Israel is Sitting Pretty

Israel is sitting pretty.  Sure she has problems, but her future is bright.  Even her present is not too shabby. Of immediate concern is the attempt by the PA to gain recognition and membership in the UN in the upcoming session in September.  To this end the PA has agreed with Hamas to unify, thinking it would strengthen their case at the UN.  Not so fast.  Actually unification is proving more difficult to achieve than implied, due to irreconcilable differences.  These differences have more to do with tactics rather than goals, as they both want to destroy the Jewish state, and to their unwillingness to share power.  So, at last reading, they have decided to postpone concluding an agreement until after September, if ever. The most the PA can expect at the UN is recognition by the General Assembly, of Palestine with the '49 armistice lines as borders.  But such recognition will change nothing on the ground and will be meaningless.  The US...(Read Full Article)