Demographic Dragon: Will China's Rise Provoke World War?

China's rise as a global power is fundamentally linked to its demographic weight.  Besides its ancient culture and rich heritage, China is aware that the respect and awe it is accorded throughout the world is due to its immense multitude. Over 1.36 billion Chinese are expanding as a limitless consumer behemoth and an unprecedented reservoir for future military hegemony. According to historians, Chinese dynastic cycle of boom and bust -- at least since the Qin-Han era -- has shown marked propensity for large-scale population migration to neighboring regions outside its suzerainty.  These migratory episodes occurred both during territorial expansions as well as contractions. This cyclical rhythm of expansion, contraction, and migration was evident during native dynasties including Qin-Han, Sui-Tang, Sung, and Ming, and acquired even larger proportions under barbarian dynasties -- Yuan (Mongol) and Qing (Manchus). China experienced massive demographic explosion under native...(Read Full Article)