Deflating the Higher Education Bubble

It's been refreshing to see higher education given some real scrutiny and focus lately.  For my wife and me, something like "focus" happened when we met with a financial advisor before we had our first child, Evan.  Or was it blind panic?  I don't remember.  The conversation was something along the lines that college will cost us about $500,000 per kid, we'd be working till we die, and we should increase our savings by approximately 673% (assuming an annual ROR of about 8.5%).  Or just jump into the housing market, and then cash out those stupendous, easy money gains as needed, which was part of Plan A. Since then we've adjusted a bit, and now the plan is, more or less, to hope really hard that the projections are all wrong, or that my kids' impossibly cute mugs get noticed by Gerber, or they pick up a bassoon scholarship, invent The Face Book, or whatever. I'm just kidding, kids.  Your mother and I have a real plan, but for posterity's sake, here...(Read Full Article)