Cut the Damn Spending!

It's time to cut the damn spending!  This means taking a commonsense approach to America's priorities and eliminating outdated programs that have long past served their original purposes and exist only out of habit and to protect their bureaucracies. United Nations Leaving the United Nations would save the United States a lot of money and grief.  The U.S., while funding about a quarter of all U.N. operations, has seen its influence steadily erode as dictatorships have increasingly been placed in charge of high-profile U.N. committees.  This does not mean that I favor a return to international isolationism such as the U.S. practiced in the 1930s and which led to WWII.  Saying that the United States is engaged in international affairs because it's a member of the U.N. is like saying that you know about Italians because you watch The Sopranos.  The U.N. is a corrupt international organization and probably a criminal conspiracy on top of that.  Its main...(Read Full Article)