Breaking the Incumbent Protection Rackets

No matter how witless or mediocre, no matter how thin their legislative records, once elected, members of Congress have a far better chance of reelection than challengers have of unseating them. In the two years prior to the 2010 general election, the majority party in Washington acted unilaterally and irresponsibly without public review or buy-in on too many fiscally unsound and ideologically unpopular programs.  Their policies deepened and prolonged a recession, and increased deficits and the national debt to record levels.  Washington Democrats acted to reward generous campaign donors and special interests at the expense of taxpayers and legitimate investors.  Only two years after a stunning electoral outcome, having won the White House and extending majorities in both houses of Congress, Democrats paid a steep price at the polls for their excesses and overreach. Even so, for many voters, the biggest surprise in the 2010 election results was not that so many...(Read Full Article)