Barry's Angels: Obama's Amazonian Guard

Since the 1980s Moammar Gaddafi has surrounded himself with a specially trained corps of female guards, popularly known as the Amazonian guard.  It is believed that Gaddafi chose to employ women in this capacity on the theory that potential Arab assassins would refuse to fire on women.  In other words, he has been using them as human shields. For whatever reasons, President Obama seems to be emulating Gaddafi in this respect.  The President of the United States can rely on the Secret Service to protect his person, but he requires more than that to insulate himself from the sort of criticism that comes with implementing his radical policies.  For this protection he relies on his own Amazonian guard, a group of women who seem just as fanatical as Gaddafi's hand-picked bodyguards. This troop of loyalists includes Valerie Jarrett, the most influential of the president's female advisers.  If it is true, as reported, that Jarrett has greater influence on the...(Read Full Article)