Arianna Does The UK

Arianna Huffington was in town last week.  Not to view the newly unveiled statue of Ronald Reagan outside London's U.S. Embassy, you understand.  She was here to launch a Brit version of the The Huffington Post.  Great -- and thanks, America.  Just what the UK needs: yet another "mainstream" hard-left media attack dog.  Even Britain's resident pit bull The Guardian noted that the new HuffPost UK will be horning in on its share of that particular market.   But what prompts Arianna and Co. to think that Britain has a gap in the market for its particular brand of pro-socialist coverage?  The fact is, the BBC/Guardian-led leftie UK news marketplace is already over-crowded. The HuffPost UK has attempted to hit the ground running.  Former PM Tony Blair; Sara Brown, wife of Blair's Labour successor Gordon Brown; and Alistair Campbell, New Labour's former media chief hatchet man have all been signed up as "unpaid bloggers."  How long that...(Read Full Article)