Are Hispanics For or Against Illegal Immigration?

Knowing that I am an American of Mexican descent, you ask me with a scowling and suspicious look seemingly saying let's see if this guy is a true American, and you ask:  "Are you against illegal immigration?"  The question begins in a mid-70-decibel scale, rising to over 80 decibels.  I answer, "Yes." Your scowl nearly disappears and in a moderate and steady voice, you ask: "Do you want illegal immigration to stop?" "Yes, I do."  Your face completely undergoes a change; you smile with approval thinking, "This guy is OK."  So you say: "Good, let's throw their children out of school, and let's deny the children of illegal aliens the right to birthright citizenship.  That'll stop any more free handouts and make them go back to Mexico." And I say, "Whoa, there, big guy, whoa."  It's all downhill after that.  Your scowl reappears, your voice rises to shouting decibels heavy with contempt, there is fire in your eyes, your teeth are gnashing, and you...(Read Full Article)