A Response to Dean Malik

Dean Malik has been busy fending off critics of his "Identity Politics: the denial of American Exceptionalism," which American Thinker published a few weeks ago.  I am among those critics.  I will focus on what Malik had to say about my remarks in his "An American First, Always, and Last: a Response to Critics." My rebuttal is divided into three sections.  In the first I respond to the specific charges that Malik made against my arguments.  In the second, I correct his mischaracterization of Burke.  In the third, I draw the reader's attention to three of our nation's Founders -- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin -- in order to show that when it comes to the issues of race, ethnicity, and religion, they shared the sensibilities of their contemporaries, not the politically correct sympathies of ours.   I select these three Founders for two reasons.  First, time and space constraints prevent me from extending the list...(Read Full Article)