A Moment of Danger

Normally at this time, we would be well into the summer doldrums or, as it's called in Washington, the Silly Season. Not this year. Consider: In the war with jihad, American casualties are rising in Iraq as Iran is openly furnishing lethal aid to its allies in the war to drive America from Muslim lands.  Meanwhile, the projected end of the U.S.'s military involvement in that nation is just over the horizon.In the last two weeks, Afghanistan's ineffective and pervasively corrupt government has seen a wave of spectacular bombings, assassinations, and violence across the country.  U.S. casualties are rising.  President Obama has ordered the beginning of American withdrawal, directly rejecting the advice of all his top generals.The stage is being set for a repeat of Saigon 1975. Iran's drive towards possession of deliverable nuclear weapons continues unchecked while nuclear-armed Pakistan is steadily slipping from the American orbit and towards that of China.  While...(Read Full Article)