A Dangerous Game Changer

Israel's many enemies, in their unrequited passion for Israel's destruction, are converting from failed military solutions to a political/media-based onslaught.  They understand that Israel's hi-tech military is generations beyond Hezb'allah, Hamas, and even Iran, the three major antagonists in this life-and-death struggle.  And as the participants know well, and conversely the media don't know or disingenuously ignore, these three primary enemies have no interest in a negotiated settlement, a peaceful solution -- they openly advocate the annihilation of Israel and the removal of any surviving Jews from the Middle East. Kidnapping soldiers and sending suicide bombers and rockets at Israeli civilians may be satisfying at times but the endgame of these three partners in war remains beyond their nefarious means.  And so they ingeniously hope, so far successfully, to ally themselves with many of the radical leftist groups that are virulently antagonistic to Israel, as...(Read Full Article)