Why Our Elites Just Can't Get No Respect

Since the very first tax-day Tea Parties popped up in April 2009, a raging sense of puffed-up indignation has possessed our ruling class.  Emerging as the single truly bipartisan issue of our day, this how-dare-they-question-us obsession has grown from spurts of shocked angst among media talking heads to hands-on-the-hips Capitol Hill lectures to full-blown rhetorical assaults on populist candidates.   Just as all human beings from time immemorial have, our own ruling class of elites crave the one thing which must still be earned -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Unfortunately, our elites just can't get no respect from the people.  This irks them down to the marrow of their souls.  From sunup to sundown, day after day, they squirm and fret and bellow for the respect they've lost among the governed.  Yet, respect lost is neither easily nor painlessly regained.  Alas, the higher one climbs upon his own high horse, the more ignominious his fall from grace, when his...(Read Full Article)