Why America Needs Governor Perry as its President

Reports have it that America's current longest-serving Governor, Texas Republican Rick Perry, may enter the 2012 Republican presidential primary race.  While Tim Pawlenty is my favorite within the group who already have declared that they are seeking the Republican nomination, I hope that Perry gets into the race.  If he does, Republican voters and Americans in general should want to see the Governor of America's second-largest state and the current Chairman of the Republican Governor's Association to go and win the Republican Primary and then the White House too. Here is why: 2011 was the seventh year in a row that Chief Executive.net after surveying 550 CEO'S rated Texas as the most business-friendly state.  Other studies, such as CNBC in 2010, also placed Texas at the top of its list. Texas was of the first states to emerge from the recent recession (they emerged in 2009, a year when Texas spent the fourth-least per capita between the other forty nine states). Only...(Read Full Article)