Understanding the Taliban Insurgency: The Cause, Motivation, and Culture of Resistance

History of Afghan tribes Whenever the word "Taliban" appears, the image that we normally get is an image of a ragtag warrior, fighting the holy war that going on against his enemy.  The Taliban territory includes the harsh, mountainous, landlocked country of Afghanistan,which stands at the midway mark of the ancient Silk Road connecting China and India to the Middle East and Europe.  Its critical geostrategic location has been coveted by a never-ending stream of foreign interlopers, from Alexander the Great to the generals of Soviet Russia and the United States.  In 1219, Genghis Khan laid waste to the land because its people chose to resist rather than submit.  The region became an agrarian backwater under Mongol rule.  In 1504, Babur, a descendant of both Genghis Khan and the Persianised Mongol "Timur the Lame" (Tamerlane), established the Moghul Empire in Kabul and dominated India.  However, by the early 1700s, central government in Afghanistan, which...(Read Full Article)