The 'Achievement Gap' Fraud

Our educational system is self-destructing because of a fraud known as the "achievement gap."  One result of that fraud is that public school bureaucrats are taking away opportunities from good students in a misguided effort to help underperforming students. When the mainstream media reports on progressive social policies, the results can be astonishing.  A recent Washington Post "Metro" section featured a school policy that ruins opportunities for bright students in order to help students who don't apply themselves("Dumping honors classes for AP," May 22).  The Post reports that honors classes are being abolished from the curriculum in Fairfax, VA, and many schools across the country.  The purpose of abolishing the honors courses: to help "underrepresented minority students."  With that article, the Post unwittingly exhibited the core of the problem with education in this country: The flawed system and...(Read Full Article)